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Starting off getting Tattoos

Tattoos are a reflection of ones identity. Marking your body with tattoos of your favorite animal, sports team, name of a loved one or a symbol of your faith. Tattoos have been around for hundreds of years and in the last fifteen years they have become more commonly seen amongst men and women. Every age group from 18 to 50s have sparked interest in this personal expression of art. Yes tattoos are art work on your skin. Finding a talented artist at your local tattoo shop or studio is the first step. Before heading to them have your idea printed or sketched out. Even if your skills for drawing a tattoo are limited it is better to have something to work off of then nothing. New England Tattoos has ideas and samples for you to flip thru here on line.

New Top 2018 Tattoos

This year tattoos are getting inked by the minute. College students are back form spring break and it's time to add a new tattoo on their body. This year the increase or interest of tattoos of tribal for both men and women. Back and legs are two top spots for the ladies while men keep the arms at the top spot for tattoos. Check out designs here for your next tattoo.

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We will post your submission to the design section. Please allow up to two weeks for it to appear as we have hundreds of submissions each week. Tattoos are select for quality of art work, photo must be in focus and area of tattoo is not explicit. Please only submit each tattoo once.
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