Five Facts on Tattoos for 2018

Five Steps & Facts You Should Keep in Mind for Tattooing and Body Art

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Facts to keep in mind when going to tattoo shops and parlors

1. Can I Get Infectious Diseases From Tattoo Needles?
There has been some concern recently regarding transmittable diseases (particularly Hepatitis-B and AIDS [HIV]) and tattoo shops. Just as in a dentist's office, as long as the area is strictly sanitized, your chances for infection will be greatly reduced.
2. Can I Get Aids From Tattooing?
When needles are passed from IDU to IDU and reused without sterilization, some of that blood remains in the syringe and is passed on to the next user. If infected blood is passed, the recipient can become infected with HIV, which leads to AIDS.
Tattooing is VERY different from injecting drugs. The needles used in tattooing are not hollow. They do, however, travel back and forth through a hollow tube that acts as an ink reservoir. The tip of the tube is dipped into the ink, which draws a little into the tube.
3. Can My Tattoo's Get Infected?
Not as long as you take care of your new tattoo. Some people have trouble healing tattoos with colors they are allergic to. Most new tattoos heal in about 5-7 days when properly taken care of. Most tattoo shops will instruct you on how to take care of your new ink.
4. What Are Some Bad Things For My New Tattoo?
Once it is healed, there is very little that will screw up a tattoo. The one exception is prolonged exposure to sunlight. (the other is scarring, but that is patently obvious).
Well, unfortunately it is. The newer inks are better at resisting fading but whatever you do, if you spend lots of time in bright sunlight your tattoos will fade (over a lifetime, not over a week). Best to try and keep them out of bright sunlight.
No one wants to become a cave dweller just to keep their tats looking good, so just use some common sense. Think of your tat as an investment--slather on that sun block so it doesn't turn into a dark blob.
Tattoo art has become very popular and people are getting tattoos for lots of reasons. Taking good steps in choosing the right tattoo, getting it applied properly and with the proper care is probably the most important things to consider when thinking about getting a tattoo. Read all you can about tattoo art safety and when you're ready to get your tattoo, you will feel much better about your decision!
5. Picking the right tattoo studio ?
Make sure when you are looking at tattoo shops that you are not only comfortable with the place but with the artist. Check to see how clean the floors, windows and counters are in the place. Is the trash piled high or are there evidence of food around the areas that people get tattoos and body mods done.
You may think this is a strangle thing to think about but your body during the inking process will be exposed to the elements in the shop. Plus you will be handled by the artist and his equipment which needs to be at the highest cleanliness to ensure your safety and others whom are getting work done.
Ask to see there prior work in a book or now these days many have digital books or tablets to view there previous customers tattoos.